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A System For Thriving

Our mission is to host meaningful connections within a supportive community and measurably advance the lives of those on a path of personal growth by providing an impactful system for thriving

“A community of shared experience, knowledge and wisdom so together, we can create our best versions of the world.”

– Chris Scriven

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Sundays 7pm UTC
Expert Segment and Group Sharing Of Thoughts around the Expert Segment. Connect with others on a path of personal growth. Option to join the FPG WhatsApp Community.
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The FPG Program of Personal Growth


Foundation For Personal Growth is proud to offer this free personal development program that’s going to provide you with the support you need along your path of advancement.

A system for living, the FPG program of personal growth brings together a sequence of actions designed to cover all of the core fundamentals of personal development. Born from the need for an all-in-one personal development package, instead of searching through the myriad of options available in the self-help space.

If you’ve been struggling with finding your alignment with your life goals, struggling to find connection, or struggling to break through to the version of yourself you’d prefer to be, then you need this program because it will help you build a solid foundation underneath you from which you can make miracles happen in your life and in the lives of those around you.

The only requirement for FPG membership is a willingness to be open-minded and a desire to improve yourself.

It is suggested that if you wish to work through these actions, you do so with the guidance of an FPG Sponsor. An FPG Sponsor is someone who has worked the FPG suggested actions up to action 4. To find a sponsor, just attend one of the upcoming FPG meetings and reach out to the meeting host, and they’ll arrange to connect you with an available FPG sponsor.

FPG has one primary purpose, to facilitate personal growth, and meaningful connection between people. FPG is a non-profit supported through the contributions of its members and is free to all who need it. This service is offered by the people, for the people, in the spirit of service to others on the altruistic plane.

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